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Pin Parvati Pass Expedition

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The Pin Parvati Pass is a thrilling challenge for any seasoned trekker. Because it’s a long expedition that gives trekkers a massive dose of adventure, beauty and a sense of achievement. The exhilaration of traversing a 17,457 ft pass is an experience of a lifetime.

Besides that Pin Parvati Pass trek provides the most spectacular traverses, right from the forest and verdant meadows of the Parvati Valley to the Buddhist villages in the Trans-Himalayan region of Spiti. The sharp contrast in landscapes, culture, flora and fauna will catch you off-guard. Within hours, you’ll walk from cold dry mountain desert region of Spiti to the rich biodiversity in Parvati Valley.

As you climb higher to Pin Parvati Pass, the bird’s-eye view of the Parvati and Pin Valley is fantastic.

If you’re super fit and you have done high-altitude treks before. Then you’re ready to do Pin Parvati. Pin Parvati Pass trek has a host of another unique experiences to offer you. From the pulley bridge at Tunda Bhuj to marshlands of Mantalai to alpine meadows of Odi Thach, besides that dense forests near Kheerganga and glacier near the Pass. Pin Parvati Pass trek builds from cold dry deserts of Spiti and its unique settings to the lush, wet greenery of Parvati valley. The greenery, the flowers of Odi Thach hits you harder after days of trekking among wind-carved rock formations and glaciers.

Near the end of trek, You will also experience the hot water springs at Parvati Kund at Kheerganga. Consequently words can not describe the experience of a hot water bath here after a hard day of trekking. It is a five star sauna likewise experience on a trek, which you seldom get on any other Himalayan Trek. So anyone above 15 years with prior high altitude trek experience is good to go!


Region: Himachal Pradesh, India
Duration: 11 Days
Grade: Difficult
Max Altitude: 17,300 ft.
Trekking Km: 105 Kms.
Trail Type: A cross over trail through passes. The trek starts at Kalga and ends at Mud.
Rail head: Pathankot is the nearest rail head to the base camp.
Air Port: Bhuntar, which is 52 km away from Manali.
Road : Manali is well connected to Delhi.
Base Camp: Manali.
Best Season: July and august.
Snow: Round the year except monsoon.
Services from: Manali to Manali.
Food: Meals while on trek (Veg + Egg).
Stay: Guest house, Camping.


Charges of offloading backpack :
INR 5700/- if you make an online payment, 10 days in advance
INR 6000/- if you inform us after reaching Manali
The backpack cannot weigh more than 11 kgs. Backpack should have waterproof cover. Suitcases/strolleys/ bags will not be allowed.

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  • Day 1 : Manali to Barshaini and trek to Kalga
  • Manali to Barshaini 4 - 5 hrs drive
  • Barshaini to Kalga 1/2 hr trek
  • Lunch at Manikaran (Stoppage for 1 hr)
  • Leave Manali at 10 am
  • Bring left luggage separately so that without wasting time we will leave Manali on time
  • Networks are available at Kalga
  • Stay in home stay
  • Some parts of trek through apple orchid.
  • Day 2 : Kalga to Kheerganga
  • 10 km trek 6-7 hrs
  • Stay in tents/ local rest house
  • No Network available
  • Hot water spring at Kheerganga
  • Trek along with Parvati River
  • Will get much maggi point on the way
  • Mixed forest of Pine, Oak, Horse chestnut, Wall nut
  • Less steep ascent, more of gradual ascent.
  • Day 3 : Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj
  • 13 km trek 7-8 hrs
  • Camp setup takes time due to erratic availability of water, be patient
  • Gradual ascent but tiring
  • 3 small stream with small bridge be careful
  • No shops on the way
  • Last day of the forest.
  • Day 4 : Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan
  • 11 km trek 6-7 hrs
  • Most beautiful campsite of the trek
  • Tricky and rocky patch on the way so walking together is mandatory
  • After the tricky patch very steep ascent for 1 hr.
  • Day 5 : Thakur Kuan to Odi Thach
  • 9 km trek 5-6hrs
  • Easiest day of the trek
  • Pandu Bridge (Most tricky patch) comes just after 1.5 hrs of trek, to cross that bridge everyone has to be together
  • Most of the trail is flat walk
  • Water points are available before the Pandu Bridge
  • Very windy campsite.
  • Day 6 : Odi Thach to Mantalai Lake
  • 12 km trek 7-8 hrs
  • After half hour from Odi Thach a big ground comes, cross that ground from left side (ground id very muddy)
  • Moraine area start just after crossing that ground
  • Moraine area is steep ascent
  • Mantalai Lake is the source of Parvati River
  • Small temple of lord Shiva at Mantalai Lake, from temple campsite is 45 minutes far.
  • Chances of getting AMS is high, keep yourself hydrate
  • Swimming in the lake is not allowed and not advisable.
  • Day 7 : Mantali Lake to Summit Camp
  • 11 km trek 7-8 hrs
  • exhausted day
  • Most of the part is very steep ascent
  • Only two water points are available
  • Just after 30 to 40 minutes of trek first water stream comes, keep floaters handy
  • After 3 1/2 hrs one more stream crossing
  • Chances of missing is very high, never walk alone
  • Camp site is most uncomfortable, camping will be on rocks.
  • Day 8 : Summit Camp - Summit to Pin base/ Bedu Thatch
  • 15 km Trek 10-12 hrs
  • Stay on summit maximum for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Today don't make your own route on snow, always fallow trek leader or guide (craves area)
  • Today's descent is more tricky and tiring then ascent
  • One stream and one river crossing keep floaters handy and cross under the guidance of your trek leader
  • After river crossing camp site is one hour far.
  • Day 9 : Pin Base to Tiya
  • 12 km trek 5-6 hrs
  • Gradual descent
  • Very beautiful campsite and windy
  • Bearn land
  • Can see the Bhaba Pass route.
  • Day 10 : Tiya to Mud Drive to Kaza
  • 12 km trek 4-5 hrs
  • 25 km drive 1 hr
  • Flat walk almost on the road
  • Trek till Mud and drive to Kaza
  • Due to no network transportation timing may get late
  • Stay in Kaza (Guest house).
  • Day 11 : Kaza to Manali
  • You’ll reach Manali between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. You can book your volvo any time after 7:30 pm.


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Day 01 : Drive to Barsheni Village to trek towards Rudranath and camp

Day 01 : Gather at Manali by 10 am and then drive to Barsheni Village to trek towards Rudranath and camp.

The adventurous journey of trek will make pleasurable trace when you will reach Manali by 10 am in morning and will leave for Barsheni Village which is surrounded by thick pine forest and green pastureland. Then further you will move to Kalga village which is only 30 minutes away. Then you can make your base camp in Rudranath and can shelter in base camp which tender the silence of wildness and capture the beauty which will give you interesting feeling.

Day 02 : Rudranath to Kheerganga

Day 02 : Rudranath to Kheerganga.

The second day you will move to long trail and continue from Rudranath to move ahead and cross the bridge from here you can see River Parvati. Pin Parvati pass trek is very enthralling experience to have fun while trekking and enjoy the enormous landscape view very closely. The trail goes through thick woodland cover and involves a sheer ascend of over 30 minutes. The climb goes on till you arrive at a point from where the follow takes a rational V turn and you can see rest room at your left. From here it takes another 10 minutes of walk up to a tending pastureland where Kheerganga is placed. The last elongate side engrosses long climb through a pine woodland area and you will come across a beautiful waterfall.

Day 03 : Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj (10,500 ft, 5 hours)

Day 03 : Kheerganga to Tunda Bhuj (10,500 ft, 5 hours)

Today's trek will start for Tunda-Bhuj which is a steady climb out and form there you can view the Parvati River coming down from mountains left side. The track will move through long meadowland and chirping of birds will give you gleaming happiness. The road from Kheerganga is the first stream crossing start with a constant ascent for about 20 minutes. Then you can see the temporary bridge over the edge of the mountains. There in route you can see small tent where the local wholesaler sell products. After 30 minutes you will way out from the forest area and will see meadow land and immense sight of the dell. Now you will trail the high peak of the hill. Once you arrive at the top, the follow will twirl within the hilly area and you see the huge area of the Parvati valley in front. This will be the final overpass that you have to cross and you will reach Tunda-Bhuj situated at high altitude of 10,500 ft above sea level. There you can see huge mountains covered with snow and the sight view looks very pretty.

Day 04 : Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan (11,000 ft, 5 hours)

Day 04 : Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan (11,000 ft, 5 hours).

As walking down you will reach to pastureland through opaque mixed jungle with profusion of lovely flowers and Greenery Island. The landscape view of Tunda Bhuj is very easy but the distance is tough as the bridge is very long to cross and time consuming. Crossing the bridge to the further side of the stream take time to follow up the peak. It takes 15 minutes to reach the steady climb as you pass through an inclined rocky meadow land. Trekking in Manali discover the prettiness of lovely landscape view and enhance the beautiful picturesque. As you start for further trail you will go up to high level and the landscape view can be see very striking. After the early rise crossways the Pandu Bridge, walk down towards the Parvati River at your right takes 15 minutes passing through the field's .Many steer can be seen with their group on the way by evening time, you will reach the Thakur Kuan which is situated at high altitude on 11,000- ft high above the sea level.

Day 05 : Thakurkuan to Mantalai (13400 ft. 5 hrs)

Day 05 : Thakurkuan to Mantalai (13400 ft. 5 hrs)

The next morning you will feel great after taking long hour rest and get prepared for next follow. You will cross the terrain region and cross the multiple streams coming in your way. Further you will find Parvati River on left part which looks very attractive. Then you will follow the big forest area and meadow land which can be seen aside the Parvati River and enter the Thakur Kuan region which is surrounded by pasture of orchard flowers and tiny tree. After passing the lane you can see high peak ranging above 13400 ft high Mantalai which is some hefty path to trail as it is bounded by large rocks and glaciers. They range high surround by snow, tiny green grasses, which will enthrall your trek and you can enjoy the campaign and can view beautiful location of Parvati Pass Trek. Trekking in Manali adds the glimpse of high mountains touching the sky which are the glory of India.

Day 06 : Rest Day + Acclimatization Day

Day 06 : Rest Day + Acclimatization Day

Another day is sixth day you will start for enjoying the foliage ambiance and feel the genuine gratitude of picturesque view. Manali Trek will feel you more enthusiasm and after taking lunch you will get tranquil. The attractive view in nighttime will look very magnificent with eye-catching view of plants meadowland and this place is one of the most attractive areas to draw trekkers. This pathway gives full happiness to trekkers and they enjoy the flora fauna of lovely sight view.

Day 07 : Mantalai Lake to Base Camp (14850ft, 6-7 hours)

Day 07 : Mantalai Lake to Base Camp (14850ft, 6-7 hours)

After leaving the striking place of Mantalai Lake you will cross the river lane which is very hefty part of trek and then you will walk through high rocky areas and glaciers. Then you will climb towards the right side of the slope, follow the trail which is very long and takes 9-10 hours. It takes around to climb the high mountain above at 14850 feet. Then you will walk to the composite area, steep rocks will make you feel tired. Then you will reach to base camp which is surrounded by greenery all where and big glaciers. There you will stay in base camp and take rest for hour and take delicious dinner.

Day 08 : Parvati side Base camp to Pin side Base camp over Pin Parvati pass 17,500 ft (14,800 ft, 8 hours)

Day 08 : Parvati side Base camp to Pin side Base camp over Pin Parvati pass 17,500 ft (14,800 ft, 8 hours)

The trek begins another day after long hours of rest and after long voyage you will then enter in long valley Spiti Valley. The trail now climbs for an hour amid the glacier and a rock facade. After three hours of sturdy climbing and you will arrive at the top of the pass at 17,500 feet from where you can outlook the way of Pin valley towards Srikhand Mahadev. The follow come down over flurry and ice fields, covered with grasses and high rocks and stone will also come in your way. At this point you will need to be very careful as there you will see very hefty path which cross the dense forest lane and wild areas. The base camp is located in the centre of three vales. Moving further you can view the ranges of Dibibokri and Kulu Makalu which looks very fascinating and eye catchy as it is covered by large mountains and ice.

Day 09 : Pin valley side camp to Wichkurung Thatch

Day 09 : Pin valley side camp to Wichkurung Thatch

The trace gets enhanced as you will continue from end to end to Pin Parvati Valley. There are two process of crossing the high glacier which is glided by river from three side brook. There in path you can see the lovely garlands and different type of flowers which can be seen all along the way, makes the adjacent view and make very pretty sight .You will then reach the small charming community where you can take a gamble around the small township and visit Gompa region. At other left region you will continue on the right valley and ascend the high rocks. After passage the side flow you will reach a peak where trace direct to Rampur pass and reach the Wichkurung Thatch covered with long pampas and dense forest. Pin Parvati pass trek makes an attractive pathway for trekkers to have fun and enjoy their luscious trek.

Day 10 : Wichkurung Thatch to Mud

Day 10 : Wichkurung Thatch to Mud

After taking rest in camp house you will start for next destination to Mud Village which will take around 5 to 6 hrs and the route was very tough as all over you will find hefty rocks. The view of lovely place Spiti Valley makes a very attractive view and looks very implausible. Then after taking lunch on your way you will move to Kaza region. The drive from Mud to Kaza is yet again stunning and offers brilliant outlook of the Spiti vale. This is a startling encampment where the analysis of the peak looks cascade and falls give trekkers to opaque the sight view in there camera. The high rock surrounded all over the village looks very striking.

Day 11 : Drive from Kaza to Manali (9 hours drive to Manali)

Day 11 : Drive from Kaza to Manali (9 hours drive to Manali)

The way back to Manali will be by the familiar road, the drive starting at 4 am in the morning. Transportation will be exclusive of our charges. You’ll reach Manali between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. You can book your travel any time after 7:30 pm.

Day 12 : Manali to Delhi

If time permits, you can take a detour and visit the famous tourist spots in Manali and then back to Delhi.


  • Accommodation. (Guest house, Home stay, Camping).
  • Meals while on trek (Veg.).
  • Transport till road head and return. (Manali to Barsheni and Kaza to Manali, as per itinerary).
  • Trek equipments: Sleeping bag, mattress, tent (twin sharing), kitchen & dinning tent, toilet tent, utensils and crampon (if required).
  • One night accommodation in Kaza on Day 10 (As per itinerary) twin/triple sharing.
  • Mountaineering qualified & professional trek Leaders, guides and Support staff.
  • First aid medical kits, stretcher and oxygen cylinder.
  • All necessary permits and entry fees.
  • Porter to carry the central luggage.
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Food during the transit.
  • Insurance.
  • Porter to carry personal luggage.
  • Any kind of emergency evacuation charges.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the Inclusion list.
  • We expect to carry your personal luggage on your own, if you wish to offload your backpack, you can give it to porter.

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